Su Stokes, Counselling and Mentoring in Bridgwater and Taunton, Somerset
Counselling in Bridgwater and Taunton, Somerset
Are you stuck in a rut and need someone to explore the possible changes you can make in your working life (e.g. promotion, different work, complete change of environment) and to support your move forward?
Do you need practical support with a CV, Application Forms (maybe the dreaded "why do you want this job/promotion" question), Interview Skills etc?
Are you facing Redundancy or Retirement and need to evaluate your options?
Are you studying and find it difficult to keep to deadlines and plan around everything else that is going on?
Do you need support with management or supervision skills in your workplace?

Together we can develop an action plan which will allow you to:

explore and acknowledge your potential to succeed
gain confidence in your ability to achieve your goals
progress in a positive and meaningful way
restore the balance of life and work so that it does not feel like a constant struggle

How long will I be Mentored for?

We will meet for an initial session of one hour, during which time we can explore what it is you need, in order to achieve the changes you may want to make - be these practical changes or changes in the way you interact with colleagues, managers or social situations.

Mentoring usually takes place over 12 sessions, the first eight will be weekly and then we will move to fortnightly for three sessions with the last session following on a month later.

Mentoring is especially helpful for:

Difficulties in Role Change

Management and Supervision of others

Seeking a change of work
(Evaluate options, CV's, application forms, interview skills)

Studying and Exam Anxiety

Self Confidence in dealing with Social Situations

Bridgwater:8 Chandos Street, (off Kings Square), Bridgwater TA6 3DL
Taunton: The Terrace, 35 Staplegrove Road, Taunton TA1 1DG
Telephone:01823 338968 • Mobile: 07811 643742