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Counselling Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are general terms used to describe a situation where two people meet, in confidence, to talk about a problem or difficulty that one of them is experiencing.

In this context, the 'counsellor/psychotherapist', who will have undertaken in-depth professional training, offers the 'client' - the person experiencing a problem or difficulty - time and space to explore their issues or concerns, in a safe, confidential and impartial environment.

The counsellor/psychotherapist does not make judgements, aim to fix or solve problems, or tell the client "what to do". Rather, the counsellor/psychotherapist's role is to support the client as they explore the difficulties they are facing. This process is very much about enabling individuals to understand what is happening to them and as a consequence to identify alternatives and make informed choices or changes.

Although the counsellor will have various skills to assist the client, it is the client's courage and willingness to explore, sometimes very painful issues, which makes the difference.

How long does Counselling/Psychotherapy take?

There is no set length of time. Many issues can be dealt with in, for example, 12 sessions. Sometimes, counselling/psychotherapy can continue, at your request, for a year or more. It is up to you to decide how much counselling/psychotherapy you need. Only you can tell when you are ready to finish and we will take time to work towards a good ending to your therapy and to celebrate the resolutions that we have achieved.

In practice, you will meet with me for an initial exploratory session. During this session, you and I will discuss the issues that have brought you in and whether or not you feel that what I offer and the way in which I work, can be of benefit to you.

More importantly however, this initial meeting offers you a no obligation opportunity to explore how you are feeling, the thoughts that you may have and how we would get on together, "Is this someone I feel I can trust to help me with my problems?" If you have any doubts about counselling at this stage, these can be discussed and either resolved to your satisfaction or you can decide not to continue. Whatever happens I am bound by a code of confidentiality, whether you choose to continue working with me or not.

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